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i keep meaning to write more but i can never find the time / energy.  instead I’m just gunna let you know that Arepa is innnncredible. I had the pabelon arepa, it’s basically a delicious burrito in a corn bun.  Everyone loved their arepa except for Mike but Mike is sour and hates everything I introduce him to.  He had the reina pepiada (the curvy queen).  He’d mugged himself before the first bite with that name.  It was basically cold chicken and avocado.  i recommend everything else, except the sugar cane lemonade, unless you love tooth decay.

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I’ve taken it upon myself to force my co-workers into new food realms for lunch.  Zoe’s, Nook and Brioche are their staples and I want them to know there is more than $17 salads available around our King West office.

I read on Blog TO that Saffron Spice Kitchen was new and provided soup at an affordable lunch price, a rarity downtown.  I eat a lot of soup because I’m poor so it’s important for me to know where the best soup is outside of my cartons of Campbell’s.

Set out like a kebab shop in a grimey part of London (most parts of London) the men of the manor greeted us.  Split pea soup was my go to, I forgot to even look at the board.  Emily got a salad (yawn) and Danielle the butter chicken.  D protests about healthy eating but she ordered butter chicken 3 nights in a row in different places so I question her real commitment to it.  She also ordered a samosa.  She’s a former dancer, acrobat, actress so it’s ok, don’t worry about her heart.

The guy at the till boasted about how good the food is for you (no ghee, no cream, no butter, no lots of stuff…).  We waited an age, for the salad mainly, then trotted back to the office.

The soup was luke warm but I couldn’t be bothered to microwave it.  It had no taste and I had to add salt because I feel like in their health quest they left out the important component of flavour.  I was given corn bread with it not realizing that corn bread is basically Madeira cake over here.  It was a gross mix of lunch and pudding. I didn’t ask for Willy Wonka’s gum in a real form but that’s what I was given.

D’s portion was massive.  Looked a bit rank but most things do in takeaway containers.  The curry tasted a bit like it had been emptied out from a jar / exactly like the chicken curry from Firkins Pub.  Neither of those are compliments.  It was definitely not the butter chicken of gods that other reviewers boast.  The rice was perfectly cooked.  There was a potatoey/chickpea/god knows layer on top of the rice that was mushy and weird but my favourite part.  The worst part was that they decided to add fresh veg on the side.  RIGHT GUYS, let’s all be clear about something here, a curry is NOT a Sunday dinner.  Julienne carrots and beans are NOT an accompaniment to an Indian meal. They should stop that immediately

The samosa had clearly been made earlier in the day and was sat in a pile near a microwave.  When ordered, it was microwaved and put in a bag.  It was all of the beigeness on the photo.  Soggy, chewy, Iceland-like (the retailer not Bjork’s place). WHO MICROWAVES A SAMOSA FOR GODS SAKE?

Emily’s salad was decent.  I can’t really say too much about tandoori chicken on lettuce.  You make your own and they offer avocado and feta cheese as part of it.  I don’t know if feta is available as a thing in India but whatever let’s just pretend for now.

All the other reviews big this place up but we were thoroughly underwhelmed.  I’m pretty fickle so I think we’ll probably return for the roti, which looks incredible.  That’s it though.  I have accepted there will never be a better soup that the mushroom bisque at Brioche. I don’t know why I even tried.

4/10 for the newcomer.